Curriculum Vitae

Luis Welbanks

Mexican @Gates_Cambridge scholar. Studying the atmospheres of planets outside our Solar System. Ph.D. candidate at @Cambridge_Uni and @ChurchillCol

I am interested in learning what constitutes the atmospheres of planets outside our solar system.

I am interested in characterizing the atmospheres of exoplanets. My work, under the supervision of Dr. Nikku Madhusudhan, focuses on the interpretation of transmission spectra using both retrievals and forward models. Some of my work has focused on the model considerations that allow for constraints in the chemical composition of exoplanet atmospheres along with the degeneracies associated with retrievals of transmission spectra (Welbanks & Madhusudhan, 2019). Other aspects of my work have focused on performing an extensive chemical survey of the composition of exoplanet atmospheres using homogeneous retrievals and investigating Mass-Metallicity trends in transiting exoplanets (Welbanks & Madhusudhan, 2020). I have also participated in the interpretation of ground-based observations of hot Jupiters. Some of these works have suggested a rich and complex chemistry in the atmospheres of exoplanets through the first detection of lithium in an exoplanet atmosphere (WASP-127b, Chen et al. 2017) and indications of aluminum oxide (WASP-33b, von Essen et al. 2019).

Last updated February 2021.

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